Logo der LMUElectron Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Concept of the web-environment:

Based on theoretical considerations and guidelines we developed this web-environment where students can carry out experiments with an electron beam in the electric field of deflection plates or in the magnetic field generated by two Helmholtz coils. Students can modify the acceleration voltage of the electron beam gun and the voltage between the deflection plates respectively the electric current in the coils. Depending on the experimental settings the reaction is displayed on the screen. The students have to accomplish exercises which scaffold learning according to a scientific inquiry process. At the beginning the experimental setup is shown, then and hypotheses must be generated. After an introductory animation users can test their ideas and concepts. The mathematical equations for the electron path can be evolved step by step. For that the acceleration in horizontal and in vertical direction have to be derived well as the equation of the trajectory y(x). The results are superposed over the image of the real experiment, offering an inherent feedback.

Teaching with the website:

The pages are developed for use in K-12. Students can carry out experiments with an electron beam. The environment guide through the scientific inquiry process and provides immediate feedback. So the stundets should be able to pass the tasks autonomously.
For unguided scientific inquiry there are also basic versions of the experiments without a specific task or hints available.