Logo der LMUElectron Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Links to best practice websites about school, physics and learning

PhET-SimulationenSimulations (HTML5 + Java) and Material to all parts of Physics, Chemistry and Math
Quantum Mechanics Visualisation ProjectGreat Number of Visualizations and Experiments about Quantum Mechanics
gefaengnisball.deCreativ and Modern Material for physical education
Open Source Physics SimulationenCollection of Open-Source-Simulations created with the EJS-Simulation-Builder.
Videoanalyse mit TrackerA free Video-Analysis-Tool with Examples and a great Video Library
LeifiphysikWebsite for students and teachers covering the whole german curriculum in physics with Experiments, Animations, Explanations and Training Exercises.
Material der Physikdidaktik LMU MünchenMaterial of the Chait of Physics Education of the LMU Munich. Focus on Sensors and Simulations about Fields and Radiation.
Virtuelle Experimente Uni BayreuthVirtual Experiments of the University of Bayreuth (bases on Flash, Java or GeoGebra).