Electric Field linearly accelerates $e^{-}$ from voltage in Electron Gun: Va
Magnetic Field circularly accelerates $e^{-}$ from current in Helmholtz coils through coils: Iα

Schematic Diagram

Schematic layout of the experiment about electron deflection in a magnetic field

Determine the formula for the radius of the electron orbit using Centripetal and Lorentz force.

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$F_{\rm{Zentripetal}} = m\frac{{v_0}^2}{r} $ $$ F_{\rm{Lorentz}} = e\cdot v_0 \cdot B$$
Picture of the real experiment for deflection of electrons in a magnetic field
Grid for data logging
r =

Useable Variables:

m  = mass of an electron
e  = charge of an electron
v0 = velocity of the electron
B  = strength of magnetic field

Typing tip:

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