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We designed the learning environment onyl using HTML5 and JavaScript. So it should run on typical school equipment. Only things needed are an internet connection and a web-browser. You do not have to install anything and the environment do not need JAVA or any other Plugins. Just type the web-adress in your browser and start learning.
Computer + Internet + Browser


any Browser

Usage on Tablets:

It's also possible to use the complete environment on an iPad or an Android-Tablet. Just type the web-adress in the browser of your device. The navigation and all other controls react on touch actions. Only the input of self-developed formulas is a little bit less comfortable without an external keyboard.
Useable on
iPad and Android

Usage on Smartphones:

Also on smartphones the usage of the environment is possible. But here some pictures, graphics and controlls get really small and the usage is not very comfy. For the best experience we suggest a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.