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Stefan Richtberg
LMU Munich
Chair of Physics Education
Theresienstr. 37, 80333 Munich

☏: +4989-21804014
✉: Stefan.Richtberg@physik.uni-muenchen.de
☛: www.richtberg.org

Merci spécial à Tewfik Bekhechi (Traduction Française)!


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Latest changes:

- added more hypotheses (22.01.)
- added experiment with isolated Maltese Cross (05.08)
- added experiment with charged Maltese Cross (02.07.)
- added helix trajectory of electrons when motion angular to magnetic field (29.06.)
- added experiements with Maltese Cross Tube (24.06.)
- changed symbol for voltage to V (28.04.)
- added new pictures of experimental setup (28.04.)
- major update with a new structure and improved backend (5.9.)
- free input is now a friction (5.9.)
- Feedback for testing hypotheses modified (01.09.)
- changed order of hypotheses (31.08.)
- variance between non-relativistic and relativistic calculation added (14.5.)
- View on mobile devices fixed (14.5.)
- page for checking the proportionality added (10.5.)
- page about the influence of the distance between the capacitor plates added (10.5.)
- added new part for exercises (07.05.)
- inserted picture of the real experimental setup (06.05.)