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Electron Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields

Created by Dr. Stefan Richtberg

Electron Gun

Simulation of an electron gun
Experimental Setup Simulation Speed Calculation (classic) Relativistic Calculation Comparison classic vs. relativistic Exercises

Electron-Beam Deflection Tube

original experiment with an electron deflection tube
Experimental Setup and Hypotheses Experimental Way Forces and Equations of Motion Analogie with Projectile Fired Horizontally Velocity and Angle Exercises

Electrons in magnetic field

experimental setup for electron deflection in magnetic field of a Helmholtz-Coil
Magnetic field of Helmholtz-Coils Setup and Experiment e/m-Measurement Helix Trajectory Applications Assessment Tasks

Maltese Cross Tube

Scetch of the setup of a Maltese Cross Tube
Propagation Charged Maltese Cross Rotation of the Cross Magnetic Lens

Electron Diffraction

Versuchsaufbau Elektronenbeugungsröhre
Phenomenon Bragg Equation de Broglie wavelength 1st or 2nd diffraction order? Graphite Grating

Teacher Infos

Bart Simpson writing on a board
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